How did we improve
Amazon's account
How did we improve Amazon's account,
created for American users, with the help
of free products through Facebook/ Instagram ads?
Project- A newly created company that sells wallets and silicone oven mitts and potholders. This company needed to build a rating that would grow their numbers of sales in the future seeing as ratings on Amazon impact the client's decision about which product to buy.

With the help of ads through Facebook and Instagram, we found people that could potentially be interested in our product, and we informed them (via our Facebook Messenger chatbot) that they could receive the product for free in return for leaving a review.

Eventually, the campaign either:

  • Cost itself the wholesale price but received a positive review on Amazon, and this developed the reputation of the company and impacted future purchases

  • Didn't receive a review but sold the product at 100% sales price.
Photos and text ads that were used throughout the campaign were written in English as the target audience was based in the USA.

In this project, we received:
Carbon Wallet:
560 clicks per cost 0.13$ and 163 messaging conversations started through ChatBot at the cost of 0.45$

Silicone Oven Mitts & Potholders:
995 clicks per cost 0.15$ and 354 messaging conversations started through ChatBot at the cost of 0.42$
The preliminary profile of the target audience:
People who require the product, and people who expressed an interest in the product through Facebook and Instagram.
Our Audience
We found separate audiences that were interested in each of the products. Firstly, we separated the free products into two categories and then we created an ads manager for each product aimed at their audiences.
Visual Section

In the ads, we uploaded photographs of the products adding elements of design and separated them by category.

We created five ads for each category.

Two of the best ads for each category:
Informative Section

The text illustrates the pluses of using each product and describes the free exchange of product for review.
Carbon Wallet
  • Amount Spent
  • Amount of clicks
    560 clicks
  • Cost per Click
  • Reach
    2 278 people
  • Amount of Messaging Conversations Started
    163 people
  • Cost of Messaging
    Conversations Started
Silicone Oven Mitts & Potholders
  • Amount Spent
  • Amount of clicks
    995 clicks
  • Cost per Click
  • Reach
    3608 people
  • Amount of Messaging Conversations Started
    354 people
  • Cost of Messaging
    Conversations Started
While promoting the free products on Facebook/ Instagram, best results are given by using ads with appealing photos of the products, close-up, with a white or light background. The text in the ads described the pluses for each product, and explained the exchange process of providing a free product in return for a positive review.