Integrated Brand Promotion
When you need everything at once
Integrated SMM promotion
A small online store with hand-made products or a huge holding company with a thousand employees – everybody needs promotion on social media. We have experience of long-term cooperation with businesses of various scales and can conduct advertising campaigns with maximum efficiency. But first, we are carefully surveying the niche, then we develop the workflow and determine the promotion strategy.

Before launching an advertising campaign our marketers form the image of the brand on social media by consulting with the client. The next step is to determine target audiences and analyze the promotion strategies of competitors. Based on the data received, they select the necessary tools for SMM promotion.

We create the design of social media communities and accounts and carry out rebranding if necessary. The copywriter presents a content plan with unique headings and ideas specifically for your business. As the advertising campaign starts and posts launch regularly, we handle messages from subscribers and customers. If you have just started, we'll create a brand-new social media strategy for your special needs.

We use different tools to promote your business: from targeted advertising to sponsored content.

Every two weeks we provide detailed reports, which reflect the costs and achieved results. After the end of the advertising period, we provide clients with detailed analytics and recommendations for further brand promotion on social media.
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